What is Academy for Veteran and Military Health?

Mission and Purpose of the Academy for Veteran and Military Health

Mission Statement (what we do, how we do it, for whom are we doing it)

AVMH’s mission is to develop partnerships for excellence in research, service, and education for veterans, military and their families.

The mission assumes our customer is the veteran, military member and their families. There is also a need to provide information for stakeholders so they may provide better services to the veteran, military or family members. Research will inform development of services and education.

Purpose Statement (why we do it, we exist to help our customers be better at…)

AVMH’s Purpose is to:

1) Facilitate veteran, military and family member transition and success in university

2) Connect the university and the community to serve, integrate and understand veterans, military and their families

3) Develop and support transdisciplinary* research with veterans

4) Develop a curriculum based on veteran, military and family member experiences that leads to a certificate in veteran studies

5) Develop health services programs

*Transdisciplinary research refers to collaboration in which exchanging information, altering discipline-specific approaches, sharing resources and integrating disciplines achieves a common scientific goal (Rosenberg 1992).